From journalism to public relations and from publishing to corporate communications, Duffy’s ventures have produced an extraordinary array of professional relationships. Below is a sampling of testimonials from Duffy’s colleagues and clients over the years.


Maybe the Giants should check out the front office. Their vice president of public relations, Duffy Jennings, pitched a couple of innings of relief in a fantasy league game a while back and retired the sides in order.

Art Spander, San Francisco Examiner

Your Giants Magazine is Outstanding! It really is a prize-winner.

Bill Guilfoile, Associate Director, National Baseball Hall of Fame, June 19, 1991

The 1989 Giants Magazine, as usual, beats every other publication in baseball.

Jack Lang, President, Major League Baseball Writers Association, April 15, 1989

The 1982 San Francisco Giants’ Media guide is possibly the handsomest and most constructively laid-out guide of them all.

Bill Madden, The Sporting News, May 24, 1982

It was Duffy Jennings’ idea to start the Giants’ Alumni Association…bringing the fans, community and ex-players a little closer together.

Bruce Jenkins, San Francisco Chronicle

That was the best speech we’ve had since Ted Williams in 1966. I don’t know if he wrote it, but he sure delivered it well (referencing Willie McCovey induction speech written by Duffy).

Writer Bob Broeg (who had heard every Hall of Fame speech since 1957), August 4, 1986

I’m 88 years old and I’ve some heard some speeches, but that fellow just delivered a dandy.

Happy Chandler, former U.S. Senator and commissioner of baseball, August 4, 1986

I looked at the Willie Mays baseball (you sent me) and got goose bumps. Even though I grew up in Brooklyn, Willie Mays was loved by everybody in New York as he is today all over the world. Thank you again for your kindness.

Neil Diamond, April 1989

I know the media crunch can be tough during (the NLCS), but you and the players were always there to help out.

Tony Florkowski, CNN Sports, October 1989

All join me in thanking you for our first-class treatment at the ballpark. You really treated me like a king.

Chris Berman, Broadcaster, ESPN

Congratulations on the outstanding job you and everyone in your department did during the League Championship Series and the World Series.

Katy Feeney, Director of Media & Public Affairs, National League, November 6, 1989


The Dan White trial coverage has been precise, lucid and rich in extra insight…thanks for an arduous reporting job well done.

William German, Managing Editor, San Francisco Chronicle

What a fine job you did in writing Willie McCovey’s speech for him. We have had many fine compliments on it and Willie did a superb job in delivering it.

Howard Talbot, Director, National Baseball Hall of Fame (1986)

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