Duffy Jennings: Author, Journalist, Biographer

Duffy Jennings

has compiled a distinguished career as a nationally recognized newspaper journalist, Major League Baseball publicist, magazine publisher, corporate communications executive and public relations consultant.

Duffy is available for speaking engagements about the turbulent 1970s and for corporate, personal, and custom freelance writing and editing projects.

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Reporter’s Note Book

A San Francisco Chronicle
Journalist’s Diary of the
Shocking Seventies


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“Duffy Jennings wrote more than 500 stories for the San Francisco Chronicle, but he may have saved the best one — his own — for last. Written with admirable skill and moral clarity, his memoir reveals what it was like to cover a city gripped by the Zodiac and Zebra killings, Jonestown, the Moscone-Milk assassinations, and the Dan White trial. But this isn’t only a sharp, vivid snapshot of a city in crisis. It’s also a family saga that defies stereotypes at every turn.”

Peter Richardson, Lecturer & Author

San Francisco Homicide Inspector

The Inside Story of the Night Stalker Case, City Hall Murders, Zebra Killings, Chinatown Gang Wars, and a City Under Siege


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“As a former writer and editor at Rolling Stone, and a former colleague of Duffy Jennings at the SF Chronicle, I write to praise 5-Henry-7, the story of the fabled Frank Falzon. We are fortunate to have had him in the police department—and in the city—during those tumultuous times. Duffy Jennings as his co-writer did a great job reflecting Frank’s personality, his voice, his humility, his character, and his passions.”

Ben Fong-Torres, Journalist

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